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Quanzhou Sanhe Food Limited Company
Address:No. 2, Fenyang 1st Road, Huangtang, Huian, Quanzhou, Fujian
  • About SanHe
About SanHe
      Quanzhou Sanhe Food Limited Company is a professional food flavor spices, seasonings, such as product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our products are mainly used in baking, snack food, potato chips, cold drinks, beverages, candies, roasted seeds and nuts, spices, meat, fish paste products, such as.
      Quanzhou Sanhe Food Limited Company with Guangzhou Dutch Trading Co., Ltd. ten years the vast resources accumulated in the food industry, relying on Guangzhou Dutch Trading Co., Ltd. as a professional sales window, not only has the number of highly qualified scientific and technical personnel, and full use of their advantages, to achieve long-term technical support and partnerships with many well-known enterprises, to achieve national advanced technology in the field of international food, product improvement, technological innovation and other resource sharing.
      Idea ahead of  Quanzhou Sanhe Food Limited Company advanced technology, information Schindler, and strict management. Many domestic key universities, scientific research institutes for technical support to the company's technology research and development department for the implementation of the main body, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand, mainly in Fujian Dali Group, the Green Group and many other large enterprises grasp on the market products with certain forward-looking and sensitivity.
      Customers are the most important part of our value chain, we will provide the best quality products, best service, the most efficient logistics to provide customers with programmatic marketing, personalized service has become an important part of the customer value chain . Growing together with customers and common progress is the fundamental guarantee that we can continue to progress and development. We will uphold the three load quality first, reputation first, the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win, find a number of common development of the concept of small and medium enterprises to reach a long-term cooperative relationship, and grow together, common progress!
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